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Tattoo Artist/Apprentice

  • Apprentice at Crooked Crows Tattoo

  • 1 year of tattooing

  • Specializing in Neo Traditional, Floral, Animal, Bugs, and small trinket 

  • Currently looking to build

Hailey Lopez born and raised in San Antonio Texas started tattooing at the age of 22. Finding an apprenticeship with Cruz Foster at Crooked Crows Tattoos, she has found herself excited to be apart of a shop with so much to offer.

Working in retail for the majority of her  adulthood, stuck in a path which she knew wasn't for her. Wanting to follow her interest in Art, she is excited to finally start a career that fulfills her heart.

Hailey has loved working with her clients since the start, always giving her creative freedom. She has been able to grow very fast in the industry being known for her unique style of tattooing. 

Constantly motivated/pushed to grow, working her way to making more merch for her fellow followers.

So be on the look out for what's to come with Hailey Lopez. 

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