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Tattoo Artist/Apprentice

  • Apprentice at Crooked Crows Tattoo

  • 1 year of tattooing

  • Specializing in Anime, Black-n-gray dot work, and Video game tattoos.

  • Currently looking to build her anime portrait portfolio. 

Taylor Foster/Tsuki Tattoos born in Merced California, now living in San Antonio Texas started tattooing at the age of 28. Finding an apprenticeship with Cruz Foster at Crooked Crows Tattoo she has dedicated herself to learning the trade. 

After years of trying to find herself through her artistic creativity, she is nothing more but excited for her new career. 

Being a weeb herself she loves working with other weebs in the community. Finding herself surrounded by art all around, she's constantly motivated and working towards making her own merch for her fellow followers. 

So be on the look out for Tsuki Tattoos and watch her grow.

(Books open July 1st)

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