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  • Owner of Crooked Crows Tattoos.

  • Tattooing for 11 years

  • Specializes in Neotraditional, Lettering, Darkwork, Portraits, and looking to build his Lechuza portfolio.

  • Now streaming on Twitch

Cruz Foster, locally born and raised in San Antonio Texas, began tattooing at the age of 19. Unable to find an apprenticeship, Cruz managed to learn everything on his own and got a job working in a shop just one year after.

Cruz is constantly creating artwork, merch, and is always trying to improve his tattooing skills. He is now the proud owner of his very own shop, Crooked Crows Tattoo, a place he likes to call "Home to the Creative". 

Cruz currently has two apprentices: Taylor Foster and Hailey Lopez and will not be accepting any new apprentices at this time. Check back in the near future.


(Books reopen October 1st at midnight.)

Know what Cruz’s work consists of. Please don’t ask for things out of his category. 

Cruz does have help with emails so be kind to his assistant.

Thank you, guys, for supporting Cruz throughout all his years of Tattooing. If you still want to support download the Twitch app, make an account, type in Cruz Foster, and give him a follow with notifications on.

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